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Recap Episode! (And Sharkphobia)

Hey, guys!
So, in a couple of short days, I’m going to be reliving an Asher Roth song, and going on the adventure of a typical college spring break in…Puerto Rico!!  There will be dancing, and beaches, and girls, and sharks, and gnashing jaws, and those horrible little shark eyes, and razor-sharp fins, and no mercy, and bloodthirstiness, and opposable thumbs?maybeOhgodIhopetheyhaven’tevolved.
Luckily, the dolphins of Puerto Rico are famous for fighting the sharks away – the ‘Power Rangers’ were actually modeled after them.  Unluckily, the show Yugi-Oh was also modeled after them, and the dolphins’ fighting style relies heavily on playing cards, spiky hair, and an offensively metrosexual fashion sense.
So, since I’ll be gone for a bit, I wanted to go ahead and commemorate some of the great images that Sarcastic Seduction has shared with the world over the past couple of months.  I’ll choose one image from each week!!!
Here goes…*drumroll*

The Capitalism KittenRemember this little guy?  It just goes reminds us that even cuteness has its price.  (Click on the picture to go to the How to Sell a Kitten post.)

The Happiness Graph –  A favorite of many, this chart is a good reminder of what is really important in life.  Break the cycle! (Click on the graph to go to the What’s My Age Again? post.)

Awkward Moment Bird – I just…I just love this guy.  He encaptures my feelings on the matter so precisely. (Click on the bird to go to the Awkward Moments post.)

Innapropriate Inner Child – Whiskey and power rangers is how I get to sleep 11 times out of 8. (Click on image to view the You can be any age on the Internet! post)

Valentine’s Therapy Card – This seemed to be a fan favorite of the week.  (Click on image to view Valentines Day for the Emotionally Unstable)

Baby Diet – With a baby on board, you have to have a few lovehandles so they don’t fall off.  (Click image to see Sarcastic Diets)

Thanks guys!  I’ll see you in a bit.  You know the recap episodes of television shows that everybody hates, but still watches, because there is a bit of original content among the useless recap content?  This is the original content.  This right here.  Oh, come on – don’t be mad.
(And this.)